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About Gianluca

Picture of me holding my COllision 5BR drumsticks

My music career started at the age of six. I had my first drum lesson. WOW! The start was pretty cool. But my teacher wasn’t interested in what I’ve done in the lessons. That was the point where I switched my teacher. In the first lesson I learned the beat of “We will Rock you” by Queen. My new teacher was younger than my first one and also cooler. At the age of eight I had my first live performance in front of 40 people. I was so nervous. I played the song “House of Jazz” by ACDC.

In the summer of 2017 I’ve started my apprenticeship as a chef. In the middle of my apprenticeship I’ve realized that I don’t have time anymore to go to the drum lessons. After three months of not playing the drums I missed the feeling of the drums and the sticks, etc. At this point I started my YouTube channel called “Smart drum covers”. I named the channel “Smart drum covers” because I recorded my drum covers with my Samsung Galaxy S9. So that’s the reason why i named it “smart”. Today, the channel is called Gianlucamusic Official. Two months later I had the opportunity to speak with a live drummer. I asked him, if he’d know any platforms for musicians to get a bandroom. He said yes. He gave me the opportunity to get in his own studio.

Today I’m playing and touring with the Band Ear Sin and I continue to make drum covers on a regular basis. I also started to produce my own song which you can find on all available platforms.

I play the 5B reach drumsticks. My favorite thing about the Collision brand is the loyalty of the brand.

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